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Latest Zip codes found in Louisiana

29567 Dinkins Dr, Lacombe, LA
411 Ashlawn St, Houma, LA
600 Travis St, Shreveport, LA
Oakdale, LA
Terry Brown Rd, Jena, LA
Plain Dealing, LA
249 Harlem St, Pineville, LA
Phoenix, LA
711 Cash St, Westlake, LA
Raceland, LA
40408 Pelican Point Pkwy, Gonzales, LA
2043 Woodstone Rd, Eunice, LA
2043 Woodstone Rd, Eunice, LA
Cottonport, LA
83 Shady Crest Ln, Pineville, LA
3290 Heatherstone Dr, Baton Rouge, LA
1346 Siouxan Dr, Lake Charles, LA
3712 Acadian Trace Dr, Monroe, LA
1225 Farrington Dr, Marrero, LA
804 9th St, Houma, LA
6613 Meadow Lark Dr, Abita Springs, LA
927 Longville Acres Rd, Longville, LA
Chauvin Pointe Dr, Monroe, LA
116 Bonnie Dr, Baton Rouge, LA
27268 Tag a Long Rd, Lacombe, LA
3014 Chippewa St, New Orleans, LA
1903 Cadenhead Pl, Haynesville, LA
1708 Wales Ln, Bossier City, LA
479 Overton Ave, Marksville, LA
208 Psalm Ct, Youngsville, LA
2014 LA-665, Montegut, LA
Coushatta, LA
3901 MacArthur Blvd, New Orleans, LA
701 Loyola Ave, New Orleans, LA
365 Canal St #2500, New Orleans, LA
9600 Lake Forest Blvd, New Orleans, LA
Hale Boggs Federal Building and United States Court House, New Orleans, LA
600 S Maestri St, New Orleans, LA
1521 Poland Ave, New Orleans, LA
6319 Marshal Foch St, New Orleans, LA
America St, New Orleans, LA
John Minor Wisdom United States Court of Appeals Building Fifth Circuit, 600 Camp St, New Orleans, LA
Anacoco, LA
1042 Myrtle Bend, Breaux Bridge, LA
Natalbany, LA
20788 Chaney Rd, Zachary, LA
205 Brentwood Dr, Houma, LA
6733 Arthur St, Metairie, LA
Larose, LA
42090 Cannon Rd, Gonzales, LA

US ZIP Codes

United States ZIP codes are postal codes that are used to assist the USPS (United States Postal Service) route mail in a quick and efficient manner. ZIP codes are also commonly referred to as postal codes. The abbreviation ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Plan. The 5 digit format was popularized in 1963, however the additional 4 digits after the dash was later introduced into the system (zip+4 digit code).

These additional digits better assist the United States Postal Service to more accurately group mail documents for delivery. The USPS originally created the ZIP code system, however other shipping services like UPS and FedEx utilize these Zip codes for regulating, calculating, and sorting packages along with precisely monitoring shipping rates.

Types of Zip Codes

  • High volume addresses (example - 20524 - FBI in Washington, DC)
  • PO Box (example - 35241 for the PO Box of Norfolk, VA)
  • Military ZIP codes
  • Standard ZIP codes (everything else)

Assignment of ZIP codes and Mail Sorting

Within the zip code structure, the first digit of a US ZIP code represents a group of US states. The main purpose of ZIP codes is efficiency for the delivery of US mail. Some codes cover multiple states to ensure mail is routed as well as delivered in an effective manner. The next 3 digits of a ZIP code help determine the mail facility (AKA – sectional center facility or sec center) which is primarily used to sort and process all mail within that particular state. The last 2 digits represent where the mail will be distributed according to the local post offices. Sectional center facilities are never open to the public and sort all mail documents during the night hours.

The additional 4 digits after the zip code is never required, but certainly helps aid the postal office with additional mail sorting. These 4 digit numbers, followed by the zip code correspond to high volume receivers, apartment complexes, or city blocks. It’s very common for a PO Box to correspond to a zip code along with these appended 4 digits. This is not a universal rule however, zip codes + 4 digits must be confirmed for each PO Box address.